Top Data Science Certifications for Career Growth in 2021

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Data science is a top career choice among fresh graduates. It is one of those careers that keeps itself upgrading every day, meaning if you want to keep yourself employable you will need to keep learning and broadening your skill set. Data science is consistently evolving, and surviving the competition is essential. Taking certifications is one way to keep yourself updated about the domain.

Certifications are steadily becoming a requirement for employers. According to a CompTIA report, nearly 72% of employers now consider IT certifications as a requirement for jobs.

Additionally, data science certifications can boost your salary and increases your chances of promotion. Here are a few other benefits of data science certifications.

Show skills and knowledge

Data science is a practical and highly result–oriented field. Data science certifications test your proficiency by several ways, including capstone projects. Thus, taking a certification shows the skills and knowledge to potential employers. According to the CompTIA report, 89% of employers believe that IT-certified staff performs better than non-certified staff in the same role.

Remain competitive

Being a certified candidate adds extra credibility to your profile and it differentiates you from other competitors during the interview process. Having a certification is a significant advantage compared to those who do not have a certification.

Update your knowledge

Certification preparation requires you to study books, solve problems, and work on practical real-life problems. In this process, you increase your knowledge and expand your skillset. Further, completing online modules will update your skills and knowledge.

Increases your chance of promotion

Taking a certification proves to employers that you are a responsible employee and are passionate about your career. If you are looking to get promoted, take a high –level certification that proves your competence for the role. This will convince your employer that you are ready for a senior and more responsible role, thereby increasing your chances for promotion. CompTIA reports reveals that 90% of employers feel that certified candidates are more likely to get promoted than non-certified candidates.

Get a salary hike

According to Global Knowledge 2019 IT and salary report, certified professionals earn nearly 9% more than non-certified professionals. In a nutshell, the likelihood of getting more salary increases immensely for certified professionals.

Job retention

The pandemic has taught us that all jobs are precarious. A certification proves that you are continuously updating your skills to keep yourself employable. Employers want to keep employees who can deliver more in less. A certification equips you with enough skills to deliver consistently, thus making you a priced asset for your company.

High –value Global Data science certifications for 2021

Cloudera Certified Data Scientist

Cloudera is a global leader in providing enterprise–grade big data analytics tools. Certified Data Scientist certification equips candidates with a comprehensive understanding of using Cloudera platforms for big data analytics and the Hadoop ecosystem. Cloudera Certified Data Scientist is a global and one of the best data science certification available in the industry.

ABDA (Associate Big Data Analyst)

This is an entry-level data science certification for data science aspirants. The certification equips you with the fundamentals of data science and some widely used tools including Hive, Pig, Spark, and Hadoop. If you’re a graduating student or a fresh graduate, ABDE will pave way for a rewarding data science career. ABDA is a third-party vendor-neutral certification offered by DASCA (Data Science Council of America).

ABDA will be highly beneficial for graduating students from any of the following disciplines- economics, engineering, finance, statistics, and computer science. ABDA is one of the best data science certifications for aspirants looking to embark on a rewarding big data career.

SBDE (Senior Big Data Analyst)

This is a mid-level certification offered by DASCA. If you’re a software engineer with at least one year of experience in a data-related role, SBDA will pave way for a rewarding career in big data analytics. Taking SBDA will help you gain knowledge of using the Hadoop ecosystem for data analytics. You will also gain a deep understanding of using R and Python for analysis and machine learning applications. SBDA is a third–party and vendor-neutral certification.

SBDA is suitable for people from all sorts of backgrounds but most effective for people with a background in engineering, programming, computer science, mathematics, economics, or finance. If you’re a working professional looking to learn data science, SBDA is the best online data science certification you can take.

SAS Certified Data Scientist

This data science certification is offered by SAS, a leading provider of statistical modeling tools. The certification tests the candidate’s proficiency in using SAA and other open-source tools to deliver business goals.

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