Top 3 Trends in Data Analytics in 2021

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Decision intelligence, Data Stories, and Data Cloud Services are the three trends which are ranking high in the Data Analytics 2021.

Without Data Analytics the companies are not well equipped with performing the important tasks like correct decision making. They are required to know the market analytically better such that they stand ahead of their serious competitors.

It is being thought that the data analytics professionals’ infrastructure can increase by 5 times in 2024. This can be mainly due to rapid rise with which companies are practicing this technological instrument called data analytics. It appears that all are talking about it nowadays! Then why wait? Let’s discuss out loud the different trends in data analytics that can progress in and out in 2021.

The trends considered below includes Decision Intelligence, Data Stories, and Data Cloud Services. Their area of horizon is increasing seeing the speed with which they are gaining popularity and moving towards progress in the data science world.

1. Decision intelligence

In order for a company to survive in the current competition of the corporate world it is an essential requirement to take the right decisions. Machine learning and data science can help in making the right decisions such that the companies experience an improvement in their bottom line.

Decision intelligence is mainly a composite area containing Data Science and Artificial Intelligence along with concepts based on managerial science and decision making. Thus, it can be stated that decision makers like shareholders, corporate heads, etc. can make use of machine learning algorithms for the purpose of getting insights from their data.

This data can help them thus take the best decisions by utilizing the data. Decision intelligence can turn more popular due to the edge it provides the companies that is around 33% of firms make use of this technology in all areas. Thus, data science and big data analytics is the trend of companies flying high in the monetary value of the sky.

2. Data Stories

In the current field of data science and big data analytics a lot of data visualization dashboards are used in order to present the data to shareholders of the company. However, nowadays the data stories are gaining more popularity.

Would you choose to just view the facts and figures of the data which is arranged in a dashboard or would you prefer to see a story that will reveal the data journey for the company? In the present day most companies choose a good story. This is the reason why data stories are turning out to be more and more popular. This is especially the case with laypersons who are unaware of domain-specific information of data analytics.

Gartner proposes that the data stories will become the most popular data used for the purpose of conveying data by 2025. Thus, a good storyteller who is also a good data analyst has bright prospects ahead. This also means that the data analytics professionals can experience job security as well as better prospects of salary hike.

3. Data Cloud Services

Today we are dealing with a huge data. The future will see even a larger data than today. There are sources which state that more than 2.5 quintillion bytes (equal to 9 zeroes) of data is being created each day on earth.

The big companies like Google are able to handle and process this data far better than smaller companies aiming at data insights. This is the reason why cloud services are gaining more and more popularity today in data analytics.

As we have Software as a Service so we do have Data as a Service (DaaS). DaaS is a cloud service which makes use of cloud computing in order to provide data processing, data storage, data integration, and also data analytics services. Thus, DaaS can be used by companies in order to improve their understanding of their target audience. This targeting can be achieved using data, automation of production, meeting market demands by improving products.

In it is being estimated that application of DaaS shall be used by 90% of the larger companies so that they can generate revenue from the data. Microsoft, SAP, Azure, etc. provide DaaS.

How can you get certified in Big Data?

Some of the best Big Data certifications are provided by IBM, Microsoft and Data Science Council of America (DASCA).

However, it is for you to decide which platform best suits your requirement.

DASCA offers two levels of certification program in the big data analyst:

1. ABDA (Associate Big Data Analyst)

2. SBDA (Senior Big Data Analyst)

The ABDA targets the graduating students globally with majors in management, business, statistics, economics, or other related disciplines, and those who want to pursue analytics career in the Big Data field.

The SBDA targets for experienced in marketing, analytics, and research areas, and those who want to move in the big data space or who are already in the big data field and want to move up with more prospects in their career.

Data Science professionals who have cleared this examination assure to their potential employers that they can deal with large volume of variegated data, provide analysis of design models, interpret the business intelligence subject data with its importance, also can visualize and migrate Big Data as per the requirements of objectives and assignments.


Big Data Analytics has progressed and gained popularity as one of the best Big Data career domains. It is encouraging today professionals with multiple academic and professional knowledge and experience. DASCA is the globe’s best 3rd–party and vendor–neutral path for certification. You can place your trust in the internationally recognized and accepted ABDA™ and SBDA Credential to prove your proficiency, best, promise, and potential for Big Data analytics.

It is important to note here that DASCA’s Big Data Analyst Certifications comprehensively and exactly cover the knowledge areas which are essential for Big Data Analysts with the need to demonstrate proficiency in the increasingly evolving technology infrastructure. This is to perform and enhance self-growth in the career.

The other trends that can be considered for attention includes Data Cloud Services, X analytics, Blockchain for Data and Edge Computing.

Conclusion: The tech trends and the fast progress of these giants applicable for research, study, success and monetary increase of businesses is today a topic of interest of many companies. Thus, it cannot be denied that the future will see even more growth in data science applicability and its certifications will carry much more value than even today.

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