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Advance Your Data Science Career

About SBDE Certification Program: At a Glance

The SBDE credential provided by the Data Science Council of America (DASCA) is the most credible third-party, vendor-neutral certification known across the globe. This certification differentiates your proficiency, potential, and promise to work on the most challenging Big Data application development projects at the global level. With this certification, you learn to –

· Create, optimize, and monitor data infrastructure using the right tools

· Setup data pipelines for ETL and further business processes

· Establish production-ready & real-time data Infrastructure

Candidacy Track of SBDE Certification Program

There are FOUR convenient tracks for software engineers, coders, and programmers from diverse backgrounds and experience to earn an SBDE. The candidates should have completed a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Technology, Engineering, Applied Sciences, or related disciplines.

Additionally, the aspiring candidates must possess a minimum of 2 years’ experience (1 year for Master Degree holders) in using Python, Java, or any other programming language. For more details, download Informa on How to become a certified Senior Big Data Engineer here.

SBDE Certification Program: The Learning Resources

As you register for the SBDE certification program, you will get The DASCA Official Exam Preparation Kit published by Wiley. It consists of –

· Printed SBDE™ Book 1: Essentials of Big Data Programming

· Printed SBDE™ Book 2: Advanced Big Data Programming

· Printed SBDE™ Lab Workbook: Big Data Engineering Lab

· E-Lab for practicing Big Data Engineers

· Online Learning & Preparation Resources

SBDE Certification: Quick Exam Facts

It is the most popular industry-recognized certification for Big Data Engineers.

· Mode of Exam Delivery: Online

· Proctoring: Web-proctored

· Prerequisites: Computer with good Internet speed and ExamStrongTM verified environment

· Duration: 100 minutes

· No. of Questions: 85 MCQs

· Passing score: 65% correct answers

You can also visit the website to understand the specifics on learning coverage, structure, registration process, renewal of Big Data Engineering certification, and other details.

The Digital Badge

The SBDE Digital Badge adds credibility to your online professional presence. You can facilitate your prospective employers, recruiters, and colleagues to validate your credential. Showcase your credential on web pages, social media platforms, and email signatures.

For Your Interest:

The Growing Interests of Big Data Industry in the United States

Average Salaries of Certified Big Data Engineers

a)Big Data Engineer salary in the United States earns $158,000 Source:

b)The average salary for a Big Data Engineer is $89,838. Source: PayScale

c)A data engineer earns $127,800 per year in the United States with a $5,000 cash bonus Source:


The demand for data engineers has grown by 38% in the last year- 2019 and

This is just the beginning!

Earn SBDE Certification and be the backbone of data science.



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