AI Engineers Should Know About These Tech Jobs’ Growth!

Mark Taylor
3 min readJul 6, 2021


It is interesting to read every now and then about how AI will destroy your jobs. Yes, artificial intelligence is gearing up to take up your job, however, at the same time, it is also creating new tech jobs that are bound to grow in the coming few years.

According to the recent report by the World Economic Forum, it was revealed that COVID-19 pandemic had accelerated the automation of numerous jobs. The report also talked about the long-term impact AI will have on the global job market. The report by WEF compare the time when internet had created similar uproar and there were huge concerns about its growth just a few decades ago.

Ironically, the technology created millions of jobs for the people of the US and world over and in the present world it is now responsible for at least 10% of the US GDP.

While there are similar concerns related to AI, industry experts and AI engineers working with the technology predict that artificial intelligence will create even further growth in the US and other global economics.

Don’t trust us? Here’s what the annual Global CEO Survey report from PwC says: About 63% of the CEOs believe that AI will have a bigger impact as compared to the internet.

So interesting to note here is that AI engineers need not to fear about their job loss if their role falls into any one of the categories mentioned below. In addition, according to the World Economic Forum’s report it is the power of both AI and automation that will create about 97 million new jobs by the year 2025, especially in the categories mentioned below.

So AI engineers and AI professionals take a look at the roles that you should be building your specialization in, if you wish to succeed.

1. AI engineers and Machine learning specialists

2. Data Scientists and data analysts

3. Digital marketing and strategy specialists

4. Business development professionals (well, yes, even business development professionals will also be working on technology.)

5. Big Data specialists

6. Process automation specialists

7. Software and applications developers

8. IoT or Internet of Things specialists

There are more such roles that are bound to grow in leaps and bounds as AI will keep evolving its features. And it is not surprising to see such roles increasing over the years, as they all involve the huge amount of data analysis and data wrangling.

As the technology will evolve, it will become the responsibility of the AI professionals as well as the AI engineers to up their skills and knowledge through various online programs as well as certifications in artificial intelligence.

Why AI Certification is important?

It is given that certifications in any field help you become the most sought after candidate in the jobs’ market. And AI certification from reputed credentialing bodies like Artificial Intelligence Board of America (ARTiBA) immediately puts you into the league of established AI engineers and AI professionals. ARTIBA-certified AI Engineers are involved in ground-breaking innovations in artificial intelligence thus helping businesses leverage their AI technology to the fullest.



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