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About SBDE Certification Program: At a Glance

The SBDE credential provided by the Data Science Council of America (DASCA) is the most credible third-party, vendor-neutral certification known across the globe. This certification differentiates your proficiency, potential, and promise to work on the most challenging Big Data application development projects at the global level. With this certification, you learn to –

· Create, optimize, and monitor data infrastructure using the right tools

· Setup data pipelines for ETL and further business processes

· Establish production-ready & real-time data Infrastructure

Candidacy Track of SBDE Certification Program

There are FOUR convenient tracks for software engineers, coders, and programmers from diverse backgrounds…

Big data engineers are fantastic data-beasts, aren’t they?

But we’re all still struggling to find them.

A 2020 tech report by Dice indicated that the demand for data engineers was one among the fastest-growing tech job in technology with a 50 percent year-over-year surge in the number of job opportunities.

Yet companies find it a challenge to get talents on board.

In another report by Quanthub, it mentions the demand for data engineers has outstripped the supply for skilled data professionals. With data being a crucial commodity for every business, specialists in the field remain to surge. …

Big data engineers, big data analysts, and data scientists are among the sought-after positions globally. Yet, many existing tech professionals do not have the full skill set. One of the major reasons why an associate big data analyst certification is a good start toward the big data career.

About 2.7 million job postings will be available in data analytics and data science roles by the end of 2021, says a prediction by PwC.

You might further need to reconsider your skillset and upskill to keep up with the rapid development in the big data field.

With more companies understanding the impact of data, the demand for big data professionals has only grown stronger within years.

To keep up with the market’s drastic transformation, aspiring professionals will need to consider big data certification and training providers to stay employable.

Here’s why the Data Science Council of America’s (DASCA) associate…

Do you see yourself in the role as mentioned below in the near future?

· Support Hadoop and modern data environments

· Setup infrastructure, install software and look after all the process up to maintenance

· Identify third-party tools and manage Spark

· Involve in technical investigations and prototypes

· Manage cluster related testing activities

· Perform capacity monitoring and capacity planning on resources

· Design and implement disaster recovery strategy for all data components

· Adopt new concepts, practices or approaches

Then, the big data industry is for you. These are your dream career- Big data professional’s job roles.

Python libraries ease the need of writing codes from the very beginning. Python is among one of the most popular programming languages used in machine learning, data science, and data visualization.

With more than 137,000 python libraries available today, choosing the one relevant for your project can be challenging.

Python libraries are critical if you’re looking to start a data science career. However, we will walk you through some of the best libraries that are worth learning this year.

That being said, let us start talking about Python libraries.

1# NumPy

Cloud computing has become crucial in the data science career. One of the major facts is because a data scientist can easily rely on any data stored in the cloud.

Nearly 2.5 petabytes of data from 1 million customers every hour. This is the kind of data Walmart, the U.S. retail giant generates daily. But ever wondered how this massive information is being stored?

Well, the Cloud initiative is one aspect the retail giant has been using for years now. Such massive volumes of data are being stored in small data centers the company uses to boost their business.


Deep learning has caused a greater impact on data science. Affected by AI, deep learning uses a large amount of unsupervised data to extract complex representations.

“Deep learning is making a good wave in delivering a solution to difficult problems that have been faced in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) for so many years, as quoted by Yann LeCun, Yoshua Bengio & Geoffrey Hinton.”

For a data scientist to successfully apply deep learning, they must first understand how to apply the mathematics of modeling, choose the right algorithm to fit your model to the data, and come up with…

Knowing mathematics as a data science professional is not always about crunching numbers, it is also about knowing what is going on in the real world and what is going to happen next, and how we can best utilize our skills to solve the problem.

Implementing mathematics from scratch is an ideal way to understand how they work. Mathematics is the core foundation to getting your career started in data science.

The knowledge of mathematics will depend on the role you’ve chosen in the data science field. …

Without Data Analytics the companies are not well equipped with performing the important tasks like correct decision making. They are required to know the market analytically better such that they stand ahead of their serious competitors.

It is being thought that the data analytics professionals’ infrastructure can increase by 5 times in 2024. This can be mainly due to rapid rise with which companies are practicing this technological instrument called data analytics. It appears that all are talking about it nowadays! Then why wait? …

Tech professionals looking to get into the data science industry can now stay updated with the latest data science trends through Kaggle.

Since 2017, Kaggle is on a continuous trend of conducting data science surveys.

Touted as one of the perfect platform used by the largest data science community, Kaggle offers a unique peek into the data science industry.

The survey by Kaggle covers significant areas in data science, such as:

· Programming languages

· Machine learning algorithms

· Diversity, salary, and education

The latest survey, 2020, included nearly 24,000 users from across the globe, providing information regarding their opinions, behavior, and demographics.

Every year Kaggle conducts a survey to explore topics and…

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