3 Big Data Certifications to Consider in 2021

Business leaders today have realized the strategical use of big data they collect. They collect data from various sources such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), mobile, social media, and the Internet of Things (IoT). They are transforming businesses through changes in business strategies, operations, marketing, and other business aspects.

In simple and straight words, big data is crucial for any industry you can mention. Industries such as retail, manufacturing, technical services, law enforcement, Information technology, farming, government, and others are imbibing big data culture. They are prepared to allocate budget for advancing big data analytics and automation to drive maximum impact for their business.

For this, they are dependent on big data professionals who can acquire data, store, analyze, and spot trends that can inspire them to take intelligent business decisions. They are in need of experts who can help them in navigating the business innovatively. They are prioritizing big data usage in sales, marketing, social media, business insights, and operational efficiency.

Likewise, graduates and young professionals are looking forward to building their careers in data science. They have a big career space in business, economics, management, marketing, etc. As a result, several professionals have started to take on data science roles as big data analysts, big data engineers, and data scientists.

To take a quantum leap in their big data profession, meet the business needs and stay on trend, they need to hone their skills in big data. Earning a big data certification can help them to hype their career opportunities and becoming the one the industry seeks for.

If you are one of those professionals seeking a rewarding career in big data, then consider these top big data certifications. It will help you to shape your career in data science with the required competency.

Top 3 big data certifications

CCA Data Analyst Certification (CCA 159)

Number of questions: 8–12

Type of questions: Performance-based tasks on a Cloud Enterprise cluster

Time limit: 120 minutes

Passing score: 70%

Price: USD 295

You can visit the link for more details: https://www.cloudera.com/about/training/certification/cca-data-analyst.html

Associate Big Data Analyst (ABDA)

Type of questions: Multiple-choice-single-answer

Time limit: 100 minutes

Mode of examination: Online

Passing score: 65%

Price: USD 585

You can visit the link for more details: https://www.dasca.org/data-science-certifications/associate-big-data-analyst

Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)

The candidates should be a graduate with minimum three years of work experience in the related field. The examination is based on the Job Task Analysis developed by subject matter experts and practitioners.

Type of questions: Multiple-choice questions

No. of questions: 100

Passing score: 70%

Price: The base price is USD 695. For members of INFORMS, it is USD 495.

You can visit the website link to explore more https://www.certifiedanalytics.org/index.php.


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